Creating the Optimal Onboarding Experience

The new associate arrived for her first day at the property, accompanied by the telltale set of nerves when starting a new job. She knew what her duties entailed on a macroscale but still had much to learn about the day-to-day workflow and nuances of the organization.

She was greeted in congenial fashion by many of her new coworkers, although many of them quickly returned to their daily tasks. Upon sitting at her desk in the leasing office, she realized that no clear instructions were present regarding which tasks she should begin with or prioritize. She asked questions to numerous team members—who all answered politely—but she couldn’t help but feel she was interrupting them from their obligations.

Although this experience isn’t representative of how things should unfold for a new associate, whether at an entry-level property position or anywhere up the ladder, it’s all too common. In a people-centric business such as multifamily, it borders on unacceptable.

Just as residents don’t want to be forgotten about after they move in, new associates don’t want to be thrown into the proverbial fire with little guidance or resources. A proper onboarding experience is critical, particularly in an industry with fierce competition to retain high-performing associates. Thankfully, organizations can take steps to ensure new hires feel welcome and appreciated as well as have a clear understanding of their duties and performance expectations.

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